It all started when...

I realized I needed a change; we need a change. A change in how we speak to and about, each other. Why? Well, every time I dared to read about my profession, I was hurt and shocked to see nothing but vitriol from the world. The greedy, lazy, and incompetent teachers that so many talk about are nothing like the selfless, passionate and intelligent professionals that I see everyday. Additionally, every negative public comment was rebutted by the same "you don't know what it's like" statement from a frustrated teacher.

All that negativity takes its toll and I found myself wondering, how we as a society expect change to happen if we only view each other in the starkest of terms: "us versus them"

So, I started The Teacher Project in the Spring of 2017 to show the individual struggles of teachers, students and their communities. My hope is that by listening to their stories we can move beyond the politicized rhetoric that tears our communities apart, so that we can have real conversations about educating the leaders of tomorrow. 

- Ben Wellington, founder of The Teacher Project